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Starting March 9th
07:45 to 08:35 p.m.
06:15 to 07:05 p.m.



Starting March 9th, we begin our 6 week session for adults.  Come join us with Master D. Purefoy, 5th degree Master Instructor and veteran of the United States Armed Forces, (Military Police) as he guides you through the basic foundations for self-defense & awareness . 
Get a taste of  the following 3 styles during this course. 


Tang Soo Do - Learn foundations in this empty hand and foot Korean martial arts style that includes blocks, strikes, and deflections while maintaining a safe distance.

Hapkido - Learn foundations in joint locking and manipulation when your safe zone has been penetrated.

Kickboxing - Be ready for the unexpected while getting into shape.  A good defense can also be your best offense.  Learn how kickboxing can play both roles.

All combat arts have 3 basic energies: 1.) Push, 2.) Pull, and 3.) Neutral

You can also find 3 basic philosophies in them all as well: 1.) Awareness, 2.) Assessment, and 3.) Action

At the end of the course, you will have a greater knowledge of these energies and philosophies, and with knowledge, comes empowerment.

Get ready to empower yourself at PMAFA!



Tel: 203.368.0773

E-mail: info@puremartialarts.com