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It is that time to kick off the year with our first big event.  Spearheaded and hosted by PMAFA, you are part of history in the making.  An event of recognition, fun, games, dunking, bouncing, and demonstrations is just another opportunity to get involved and be counted. 

If you do not have a nice bright an electric BLUE T-SHIRT, you will need one.

This event is free to members and guest.  This year even the game booths are free, but it is important to note that first come first served which means the inventory will deplete quickly.  There will be a small charge for the Cotton Candy, Popcorn, and Water Bottles which will be posted on this page.  There will also be a $10 charge for kids that are dropped off alone and left in our care this includes members and guest.

The following events, Raffles and Face Painting, will not take place this year due to the Inter-school Tournament competition.  It has been left on this webpage so that new members can see the great things that we have done in the past.

Don't forget to check out the instructional page on how to acquire raffle tickets to win the brand new bike and other great prizes.  You can learn more from Awareness Day Kids.

Do come on time and let your kids get their face painted.  Our face painter Nayos Paints will be on duty starting at 11 a.m., but not for the entire event.

Pictures compliments of Nayos Paints

Ok, now it's time to REGISTER!!!!!!!!!


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Thank you for registering for this Pure Awesomeness event!!!!

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Game Booth
Dunk Tank (Dunkee)
PMAFA Sign-up Table
Cotton Candy Machine
Popcorn Machine
Balloon Station
MC (Master of Ceremony)
Prize Table

Tel: 203.368.0773

E-mail: info@puremartialarts.com