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If you have any question AFTER reading this page, please ask.  Yes, we will ask you if you read this page first.
This order form will take you directly to Paypal where you can complete a secure order on-line with your credit card.  If you have any questions, call and be sure to by pass the virtual receptionist by pressing 7.
The new sweatsuit for winter wear is Navy Blue.  This is not a replacement for the white uniform as the white uniform is our official uniform for testing and presentations which everyone should have.  Just as the school system has a dress down day, so will PMAFA. But, in order to maintain uniformity, you must have the Navy Blue PMAFA Sweatsuit or White Uniform for Winter 2019-2020.  This Navy Blue and White Uniform will be the authorized uniforms starting December for uniformity purposes.  Other PMAFA Aparrel will be wearable only on dress down days.  See T-shirt page here.


Purchase Choices Explained

You may start your purchase with a deposit of half the cost.  Due to production cost increases on small orders, the price may increase on future orders or a considerable delay may occur to make a bulk purchase to keep the price down.

We are glad to see parents choosing to sport this PMAFA Apparel.  What better way to encourage your child and keep them motivated. 

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$35.00 deposit

Sweatsuit  = $70.00
Hoody with zipper = add $7.00
Size 2x, 3x, 4x = add $8.00

$30.00 deposit

Sweatsuit = $60.00

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