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September 11, 2017
6 p.m.
50 minute Session


2326 East Main St.

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Parent & Student Workshop

New:  Simultaneously taught Student Workshop 101,
taught by students who have experienced and achieved the success in become Black Belt.
Welcome to PMAFA's Parents Workshop 101.  This is where you will get the information needed for you or your child's success in studying Tang Soo Do at this Academy.  It is very important to note that there is just as much psychology involved as there is kicking, blocking, and punching so do NOT take this meeting lightly as it will open many doors and your mind to how our program will help you overall.
It is designed for new parents but also to update\remind tenured parents in which many times they have forgotten about the tools and how to use them.
The first step is to commit to the Parents Workshop 101 session and make the time to come.  We will cover many topics to include the following but not limited to:
  1. Quick Start with Basics and Etiquette
  2. Vital Elements for Success
  3. Ranking and Advancement System
  4. What to do when the going gets tough!
  5. #1 Way to Help Your Child
  6. What Can You Expect When You Inspect

Plus more...


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Parent's Workshop 101

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