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Pugilist = (pew - ji - list) n. One who fights with his fists for money.

Director Christopher Miles, who has worked on over 200 Hollywood films such as, “AVATAR,” “THE DARK KNIGHT series,” ”THE HUNGER GAMES series,” and many more, introduces his latest Independent film, “The Pugilist.” With Stars such as Kofi Yiadom (The Black Panther, Batman vs Superman, The Pirates films, etc.), Lymon Good (Current UFC Middleweight, Former Bellator Middleweight Champion), Charles Etubiebi (Nollywood star, known for 93 Days, King of Boys, Kofa), Vic Stagliano (Sons of Anarchy, Ray Donovan, Burn Notice) and Angel Valerio (Chuck Norris’ World Combat League, Sleeper, Wayunagu).


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The Pugilist


The Pugilist Official Movie Trailer

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